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Naughty Slumber Party: Raiding Moms Closet: Anita Bellini,Mary Rock,Ava Black


LezCuties.com - Naughty Slumber Party: Raiding Moms Closet Description:

Anita Bellini, Ava Black, Mary Rock are loving their slumber party, sucking on candies and watching each other's boobs jiggle as they jump up and down on the bed. They had to keep things tame and BORING while the party host's mom was home, but now she's headed out... It's the moment they've all been waiting for and the REAL fun is about to begin!
As soon as they hear the door close, the girls pile out of the room and raid the mother's closet to put on a fashion show. Instead of finding cute hats and scarves, they are shocked to find all sorts of naughty underwear instead! How many mothers keep kinky corsets and leather skirts in their closets??
Excited about their discovery, the girls pick their favorite outfits to try on. As they hurry out the door, they can't resist taking a peek in the mother's top drawer. The surprises keep on coming as they uncover a treasure trove of dildos. It looks like this slumber party is about to get WILD!
As soon as they retreat back to the room, they remove their tops to try on the 'borrowed' clothes. But they're more mesmerized by each other's breasts than the kinky lace and ribbons, and can't hold back anymore.
Anita, Ava, and Mary throw the clothes aside and happily pounce each other instead. Although the clothes are out of sight, out of mind, the dildos certainly aren't! They eagerly put Mom's collection to the test, each clamoring for their turn. Will they be able to cum before Mom comes home?

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