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Naughty Slumber Party: Pillow Fight!: Zazie Skymm,Rebecca Volpetti,Tiffany Tatum


LezCuties.com - Naughty Slumber Party: Pillow Fight! Description:

Tiffany Tatum's parents are away on their honeymoon, so she and her friends Zazie Skymm and Rebecca Volpetti are all alone for their slumber party. And what does a trio of wild teens get up to when mom and dad are gone? A pillow fight of course!
The girls giggle and scream gleefully as they smack each other's tight little bodies with pillows. Tiffany thinks she's got home-field advantage, but Zazie's speed and Rebecca's stamina give Tiffany a run for her money! The battle winds down and the girls collapse onto each other in a smoking hot cuddle-puddle as they drop the pillows, tickling and teasing each other.
Her heart racing from the pillow fight, Tiffany's adrenaline gives her the courage to do something she never would have been brave enough to try a few minutes ago. She strips Rebecca's shirt off and squeezes her perky titties, sucking on her perfect little nipples. Zazie wants in on the fun too and pulls her beautiful tits out as the other two girls suck on them, licking her hard nipples as Zazie gasps with pleasure.Tiffany bends Rebecca over, burying her face in her wet pussy while Zazie kisses Rebecca. These girls already have each other soaking wet, and they haven't even broken out the toys yet!
This slumber party may have started out with a pillow fight, but these cuties sure aren't fighting now!

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